Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Poopin Place

M has a poopin problem. She is always constipated. It's a battle to figure out just what or a combination of the things that actually cause it. Regardless, our friends David and Suzette are to whom we run during the crisis. Not because they have all knowledge and wisdom on such things. Not because they have been through them or know someone who has had a similar experience. No. It's because no matter what M always poops at their house!

Tonight was no exception. After a very unsuccessful week with all that, She actually pooped on her own Saturday a.m. but she still needed to do some more. She's been strainin off and on since then but with no success. We hadn't been at their house more then 7 minutes when she took the biggest poo...And that's as far as I'll go! I was actually excited about this!

I hope she feels like a million bucks now. I hope that the doctor actually calles us back on Monday about this. I hope that her teacher lady does bring us some of the all natural stuff she was telling me about last Wednesday. I'm ready to nip this in the bud so that we don't have to be so poop-centric! And so we can finish up the potty training thing!

In case ya'll didn't know, we took down the crib this Saturday and she's doing the big girl bed thing. Course, she initiated and the beds been in her room since she was an infant. She's done really well. In fact, we put her to bed in Nani's big girl bed at her house so that we could sneak out for some long overdue adult time. Believe it or not we snuck to Starbucks and both of us had drinks for a total of less than $4. Thanks Shayna for the coupon!


w's mommy said...

I HAVE THE SECRET CURE......are you ready for this GUMMY BEARS!!! I promise a few gummy bears every few days and she will be as regular as BIG BEN!

Meredith Peel said...

things that make you go poo... :)