Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Keepin Busy

Sometimes I like to be busy. Don't get me wrong I ought to live for the uneventful days in my life cause they seem to be so few and far between! Ha! But seriously, I suppose one of my defenses against heavy anxiety is business. I don't necessarily think it's a good thing, but it works for a while. So here's what I've been up to.

  • I made M a fleece jacket (had a pattern that I got for 25 cents and had saved) Had the fleece left over from my cloth diaper making days, had ribbons to finish the edges from a project I'm working on with my girl Sara. Did this Monday.
  • Aided Sara in cleaning out her garage...more like organizing, but will you believe that we actually got it done in a matter of 4 hours or so?! I wasn't sure it could be done. Today.
  • Consigned bunch of M's toys and equipment on Thursday.
  • Organized my mom's garage Thursday as well.
  • Clean swept and organized stuff for yard sale.
  • Help Sara do the same
  • Prepping for Sara's b-day party (Thurs.)
  • Went to My Child's Closet for Grace's b-day present
  • Took M to the big party (Saturday)
  • Went to the big baptism (Sara and Grace)
  • been cutting, pinning and prepping S's duvet.
  • Tea dyed an old sheet for Grace's bed side table
  • reading Irresistible Revolution
That's all I can think of...EXCEPT improving my marriage which has been fabulous! So on that note I'll go spend some more time with hubs.