Monday, October 08, 2007

Halloween Hoopla

My bloggin friend Jamie, posted on halloween. It was an opinionated post (not necessarily a bad thing), but it got me thinking. It jist of it was that she doesn't do halloween. At least not yet cause her kids are young and don't really care or know about it. She says that people spend too much money on it and that it's foolishness anyway.

I definitely understand your point of view, but the same could be said for most holidays! And what's so bad about a little "foolishness" in moderation. They are kids! M has had a costume every year. I too did the first time mom thing and ridiculously bought her a pea pod costume that first year. Uh...we wore it to Ruby Tuesdays. I admit that was dumb. At least that first and/or second year you can get by with wearing a halloween themed tee. I would definitely suggest that. But after that kids know about it. They don't get it really (neither do I really) but it is a memory made none the less.

For kids its more like imagining and playing dress up. It is hard to find the balance between make believe and reality. To practice imagining and make believe is not avoiding reality, it is growing cognitive thinkers...more creative minds. Minds with less man-made boundaries. Do I think it is important to tap into reality with kids. On a certain scale sure...depending on their age even more so.

Do I think we shouldn't waste money? Absolutely! Do I think there are tons of better things we could do with our money, always! But we need to remember that it's all in what we make of it. Maybe part of your halloween tradition could be spending a whole day as one of your favorite people doing something for someone else. You could dress up and bring goody bags to the hospital to cheer those children who would love to but don't get to participate.

All these things are teaching opportunities for you and your children. There is no need to spend crazy money on candy and/costumes. Thrift stores baby! They have all kinds of costumes that were only worn one time! And they are cheap! Wear the same one twice if it's the kind you can grow into. I did this for as many years as I could be pink panther. Then I fell off someones front porch into a prickly bush and my plastic costume was severed beyond repair! Ha!

Get creative and make a costume out of things you already have! Borrow one from a friend whose kids is bigger than yours! We could wear Grace's Dora costume from last year! We are just going to have our own though cause it is a pink shirt, orange shorts, yellow socks, and a purple backpack! All useful items individually.

This subject is tricky and as a Christian there's the whole supporting evil things issue.'s a teaching time for you and your family. It's a building memories time for you and your family. Make it what you need it to be so as to promote your beliefs. But don't forget that it doesn't hurt to have fun!


It's a Mom Thing said...
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w's mommy said...

So not too politcally correct but how about yours truly as Aunt Jemima???? ..a Baby...oh here is a nother one...Geisha Girl...NICE Mom..maybe I need to have a talk with I remember that my sister was Daisy Duke! HAHAHAHAHAHA But the all time #1 award winning ...for real I won 1st place was a table set for head was painted like a pumpkin as the center peice...IT WAS AWESOME!!! Yeah for Halloween and My hubbys birthday too!

Meredith Peel said...

If I have one small enough at a halloween, I want to dress him up as a football and dress up myself with a football player costume and carry him around with me. Don't you think that would be too cute?!

Lu said...

Totally agree with your post! Its a sticky subject with Christians, sometimes, but you put it into words wonderfully!