Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lip Service

I have been mulling over a recent event that just about ruined one of my favorite times. In this mulling process I have pinpointed the righteousness that comes in the midst of the anger (which is kind of odd generally). I'm tired of the Christian Crap. Let's just call it like it is. In the book I'm reading the author calls it "Chicken poop for the soul." I'm struggling with our humanness in the midst of our Christianity. Do we truly want to live as Christ calls us to live or do we settle for second best so that we can protect our little world.

I got news people!!! God is not out to protect our little world! He is there to shatter the boxes that we try to place him in! He is here to ruffle our feathers and make us so uncomfortable that we can't deny him any longer! He is the great revolutionary of all time and I'm ready to join the revolution!

Rock the boat! Get out of the bubble! You are missing it if you don't. God did not intend for so-called Christians to be the very reason that the lost and even other believers turn away from Him. And unfortunately this is the case more often than not.

I can assure you that if I were not secure in my God that I would have kissed this craziness goodbye long ago. But Christ calls the church his bride! Can you imagine?! Sometimes I think it is a lot more like Bridezilla!

Get this...that building...that business...that organization that calls itself the church, it isn't. The church is the body of Christ. A collection of believers that work and interact so closely together that they become as one entity, unable to function properly without all of its member being in working order.

I was recently made to feel as if I were the appendix. My presence was practically useless and possibly hazardous! THis just isn't the case. God has called me to fight to the death for His bride. And I will regardless of the feathers that are ruffled.

Please if you consider yourself a Christian and especially a member of a church, don't just give God lipservice. REGARDLESS OF THE COST, seek the truth, love justice, and walk humbly with God. LOVE (in word AND DEED) your neighbor as yourself.

Who is your neighbor? Christ was also asked this to which he responded with the parable of the Good Samaritan. Read if you will Luke 10. Where do you find yourself in this story and be honest. Consider for a moment if the injured person were afflicted with something else. We'd all like to think that if someone were physically injured that we would stop and help, but what if he/she were shunned by those around you for one reason or another? Would you be the one to tell your friends to get a grip and then in deed reach out to help carry that persons burden? Or would you shy away cause you have reputation to uphold, a job you'd like to keep safe, a family to "protect"?

God is speaking to me constantly through his word right now which is unbelievable and oh so comforting! I wish I could pass it all on, but this post is long enough. Please be in prayer for me and my family as we fight diligently for the Lord through an unexpected and unwanted trial. Pray that God ALONE will be glorified!


Meredith Peel said...

I love that M calls the place where we meet the "church building." The only thing that has not hardened my heart toward the church body is the fact that I am able to delineate between the church BODY and the church INSTITUTION. I can tell that your study is going really well, and I hate to hear that you have been shunned because of all that is going on with Dad. I know that there have been a number of church members who have greatly disappointed us recently, and it must be hard for you to have to go through this while still so close to the situation. I appreciate you for not backing down. I love you.

kathylove said...

Oh, precious one, we are praying for you and the family. This situation with your dad is JUST NOT RIGHT - evil and ungodly! God is not pleased AND HE IS at work. I catch myself wondering if it was me and another was defaming my name, my reputation just how would I respond! What makes this even worse the name of "christian" is tacted on to the ones defaming! Anger, hurt, rejection come to my mind. All these feelings our Lord felt and He is God! His own children were the ones that cried out: "Crucify Him, Crucify Him!"
All along God knew He could trust your heart and the hearts of your family that you would walk in and stand for Truth (not lies). He knew He could trust you with this trial (where others would fall short and turn from Him).

Grow deep in Him and the power of His Resurrection. God has a powerful ministry for you and your family to the TRUE Church - not the ones we see in America that have leaders with CEO mentalities for they have lost their calling and are working against the Lord's ways and will. Our whole family support you and keep you in prayer. love you so much, auntkathylove

Anonymous said...

Hey Gini, I dont know if you remember me but we went to Dunwoody Baptist Church together. You were a year older than me and I was a year older than your sister. Somehow I came across your blog and I wanted to see how you were doing? You seem like you are doing great! How is Meredith and the rest of your family doing? Will you tell everyone that a blast from the past said hello and you can reach me at aredd27@comcast.net or you can find me on facebook.

Take care,

Adam Redd