Monday, March 02, 2009

Mercy Blurb

Setting: Just now. In her room. She's in my lap with her blankie. We are in the rocking chair. The lullabies are playing on her music player. The lights are off and the guardian angel night light is on. We are talking and rocking.

Mercy: Mom. Mom you are frustrating me with your talking too much. It's making me wound up.
Me: (inside-hahahahahaha!) Oh sorry. You are so right. I'll be quiet.

Mercy: (starts talking about something else)
Me: Shhh...if mommy has to be quiet, you need to be quiet too. It's time to rest.
Mercy: (after a little bit of quiet listening to the lullabies) Mom, I have to tell you something.
Me: OK
Mercy: Sometimes at school, Maddie puts her hand over my mouth and tells me I can't talk to her. that's not very nice.
Me: What are you saying to her? are you being mean?
Mercy: No. She's not being nice.
Me: Well, maybe you are talking too much.
Mercy: Yeah. That's what she says. You remember how this very night you were talking too much? It's just like that.
Me: Well, remember how you said I was frustrating you when I was talking so much. Well maybe you are frustrating her.
Mercy: Yeah.
Me: She probably shouldn't put her hand on your mouth. But maybe you shouldn't talk quite so much. (me thinking this conversation and my little lecture are about to warrant a repeat of the previous events with my talking so much becoming frustrating).


Shelby said...

She cracks me up....