Monday, March 02, 2009

Apparently I missed his 5 month pic as well

How cute is he anyway?! This is at the Children's Museum in North Carolina. I'm not sure exactly when it is, but given the location of it in my pic files and his appearance, I'm almost certain these pics were intended to be his official 5 month pics. Fairly certain these were taken in December.


Anonymous said...

HOLY M LOOK ALIKE!!!! WOWIE!! He is her TWIN!!! Keep having more babies so we can see what the next one looks like! HA :)

Shelby said...

LOVING all these pics of Wy!! He is way too cute for words! Stone still calls him "baby quiet" ha ha ha ha.. oh, and I recognize several of stone's old outfits in some of the pics... glad they could be of use for Wy.

Miss you guys!!!

kathylovemeyer said...

Great to read all the catch up posts and see the pics of W:) So precious. Luv the conversation you had with precious.

Luv the new blog look too. What website did you find this one on?