Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who am I?

I am me, Gini.
I am mom to children to come, biological or otherwise.
I am wife to hubs.
I am housekeeper, though not always a very good one.
I am cook and getting better.
I am Christ follower...I dare not judge myself on this.
I am friend to many all around the globe and special friend to one nearby and one cross country.
I am surrogate mom to any cousin or friend of M or W's who happens to be in my care. I love most children like they were mine all along.
I am creative. When my mind isn't too cluttered with the everyday, it is teaming with ideas!
I am musical and dare I say talented. I love to sing, but mostly in worship to my King.
I am learning...sooooo many things. Sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, princessing.
I am moving forward. I am not sitting still. No matter how mundane the days are, I am moving forward with purpose. Sometimes I'm crafting. Sometimes I'm resting. Most times I'm trying to be a reflection of God to those around me.
I am intellectual, though I don't use the depths of it most of the time.
I am be more. More musical. I want to sing more. To learn more guitar. To sew more for my children. I want to travel. I want to see so many things. I want to laugh more. I want to cry more. I want to cuddle my children more. I want to see more of my husband's dreams come true. I want more abundant life.
I am satisfied...mostly. with life...where we are, where we are going, what we have, what we don't.
I am dancing with my head back and my eyes closed to the music on my ipod...while doing the dishes.
I am attempting to harmonize to songs I don't know, at the top of my lungs...while cleaning the house.
I am excited about spring.
I am still enjoying the nip in the air though.
I am gonna be something great, even if very few people ever realize it. A great mom, a great wife, a great Gini. A great many things.
I am a skeptic.
I am an optimist...always.
I am a woman.
I am different.

I was once told I am intriguing.
Years ago I told my husband that I am bossy and have high expectations.

I am fascinated by medical shows.
I am no good at keeping up with people at a distance...sorry.
I am working on it...and getting better at it bit by bit.

I am wondering what God is up to in my life and family.
I am excited about it whatever it is.
I am out of shape and discontented with that.
I am tired alot, but not discouraged about it as interrupted nights mean precious babies are a part of my life.
See...I told you I am an optimist!

I am about to finish this post.
I am typing and eating lunch at the same time on my favorite day of the week. My day off.
I am listening and thoroughly enjoying listening to Death Cab for Cutie on my ipod.
I am not wearing make up, but at least my hair is fixed.
I am wearing jeans, a black long sleeved tee, my hubs old jacket (one of my faves), and house slippers that are like red fuzzy flip flops.
I am about to eat some fresh pineapple.
I am signing off now.


It's a Mom Thing said...

Cute new look!

Shelby said...

and you are awesome! you're also a great sister to Mer, K, and me and Geoff!! I am so thankful we are family and friends!! Miss and love you!