Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snow Day!

I was really skeptical when they were predicting snow for Sunday. I mean really. We usually get one good snow a season and the season had basically come and gone with no sign of it...save for a few flurries on two occasions. Still, for the three year old in me and the three year old in my house, I secretly hoped that the weather man might actually be accurate this time. But Sunday we awoke to wet, sloshy rain, just the same as the day before, and the day before that! Disappointed and not surprised, I went about my chores with steadfastness. I don't remember quite what the deal was with the baby boy, but we had to pay him a good bit more attention than usual, yet M was still very well behaved (with the exception of skipping her nap, a habit that seems to be a daily occurrence for the moment). I chose to reward her by allowing her a Daddy Daughter Date Night to Moe's. With a bogo coupon of course! [on a side note that $8 excursion served for 4 meals with no problem!]

Just after I chose to miss the meeting I had hoped to attend with my local group "Slightly North of Mainstream" the snow began to fall! I was immediately relieved that I hadn't attempted to get myself and W out in that on our way to Anderson.

It fell, and fell, and fell with what appeared to be no end in site. I don't remember ever experiencing an actual snow storm and thus had no real life application for the term. Like the flash of lightening that split across the flake filled sky, I suddenly realized that snow storm was a totally seperate term. Then came the thunder that quickly solidified the thought. The storm part, that of the thunder and lightening came and went rather quickly, a fact that left M grateful.

She then spent the moment before bedtime, sitting in her room with the curtains pulled back and the lights off so she could better visualize the snow! I have to say, it was awe inspiring.

The next day, she burst into our room declaring that she looked out the window and though she didn't expect it, the snow was still there even though the sun was shining very brightly. We decided that a warm breakfast and then several layers of clothes would be perfect for winter play preparations.

During W's nap, we hit the snow hard. The best snow piles in the front...something about the type of grass that seems to make the snow seem deeper. Unfortunately, the snow in the front was all powder and no play.

Not to mention, those cars that were out seemed to be having trouble on the ice and I for one didn't want to be in the yard when they slid off the road into our yard.

So we found the snow that was getting the most sun. The little bit that it was melting made it better suitable for building a snowman. And that's what we did.

We both made snow angels...sort of, as the layer of ice in the snow made it harder to see the indention. We threw snow balls. We marveled at the icicles. M played with the ice puddles that she imagined to be not quite ready for ice skating. She took a stick and hacked away at the ice in one of these puddles. Then after we were thoroughly soaked, we went inside.

We shredded the wet layers of clothes and discarded them into the dryer. She couldn't warm up fast enough, so she opted for a warm bath and that seemed to do the trick. Then she put on her clothes straight from the dryer and had chicken noodle soup for lunch. And truly as fast as the snow came in, it melted away in the same fashion.

We giggled at our snowman today as he lay face down on the ground, toppled over as if someone had given him a push from behind.


kathylovemeyer said...

What wonderful memories you are making...snow is so beautiful...luv the pic of your house in the snow too.