Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another M story

M was pretending that her two round inflatable chairs that go with her rose petal cottage were drums and she was making a beat. Then you could see her brain working and she tells hubs and I to wait wait...come here. She was going to play her guitar for us. And off she runs in a hurry.

So we wait and she returns with her ping pong paddle. She props it up as if to play it in a guitar like fashion only exactly backwards and resting half under her strumming arm and resting on that same hip. She sticks that hip out adequately and shakes it mildly as she strums along to her rockin' version of the ABC's.

Hubs and I, in good parent fashion clap along and wave our hands up in the air like we're at a concert. W gets into it too showing off his new clapping talent. When she's all done she bows and says, "Thank you. I'm only here for one night." and the waves and walks away.

J and I look at eachother and smile and later discuss how in the world she would even know that people actually do say that. My only thought is that they may have said it in the Barbie Diamond Castle movie. But we've only rented it twice and it's been awhile. We just got a laugh out of that one.


California Girl said...

Oh my gosh!! I'm dying laughing, Gini! Tears are in my eyes! I'm only here for one night?? Baaa ha ha haaaaa!!!!

Shelby said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha.... you KNOW how she cracks me up!!!! your mom told me this story today at lunch, cause i didn't know you had posted, but I laughed then and also laughed again after reading it just now!!! seriously, where does she come up with this stuff?!! you could write a book on mercy-isms and make a ton of money... :)

i also enjoyed the story after this one of "uncle patrick's day" too cute!