Saturday, February 28, 2009

Domestic and Yet Not So...

I'm feeling rather domestic today. Last night after we put the kids to bed, I took apart the whole chicken that I had crockpot cooked all day till the meat fell off the bones. I bagged it up in 5 different parts. 3 bags of bite size pieces to use in various recipes, and 2 separate bags for each b*reast (sorry you have to break up words like these so as to avoid certain kinds of lurkers on your site). All that for 99 cents a pound which in today's economy is a pretty good price. Man I loved finding it for 49 or 59 cents a pound not too long ago. Then of course I kept the chicken stock to use in my made from scratch potato soup I'll be making later today. I was contemplating boiling the bones, but I didn't know if that was even a good idea seeing as I had already crockpotted it. Gonna look into that for future projects.

I then stayed up way to late watching 20/20 and making a menu for the next two weeks worth, so that today when I take my entire family and our cash envelope to the grocery store, I can buy only exactly what I more and no less. We've decided to do this as a joint venture that way Jason can calculate as we go. I'm determined to be very strict with our grocery budget as I'm still trying to stick to our $50-$60 a week thing even though the price of groceries has gone up considerably. Also, I'm going to try to catch the box sale again...haven't done that for quite a while.

So, we are getting low on groceries cause it's time to go to the store today, but I wanted to make b'fast for the family this a.m. We had some muffin mix and it had a recipe on back for making the muffins into strawberry and almond creme muffins. I had all the ingrediants (so I thought) so I thought this might be a nice alternative to something rather plain. Had to use PET evaporated milk cause we are out of milk. No problem. called for Almond extract. Which I pulled out only to find it empty. ugh. so I try banana extract instead. So now we are to have Strawberry Banana creme muffins. Still sounds good. But something went array. And by the time they had been removed 2-3 times, they were almost burned on top and rather mushy on the inside...not to mention they were stuck to the muffin baking cups. So disappointing! So J and M make a quick run to Mc D's and ask for the unadvertised special. They came home with 5 bfast sandwiches for $5. Not bad. Not good for you, but worked in a pinch. After having made a huge mess in the dishes and the floor, and managing to burn my arm (which I haven't done in sooo long). I'm still managing to feel a little domestic.

On a totally different note, I am sleep training Wyatt now. He's no longer sick. It is obvious he doesn't need a night time feeding anymore. It seems he just wants me to be near him for 2 hours or so at night. Well, this mama needs her sleep, so he will learn to soothe himself. Which he's not too bad at in the first place. We just complete night 2 and it's going very well if I do say so. More on that to come.

And I haven't posted pics cause I haven't figured out how on my hubs computer.


Alyson said...

Oh gosh. I feel like such a shmuck. I've been budgeting $200 a month... for JUST ME! And you're doing it for 4 people??!!!! I *really* need to relook at my budget now. Granted, I have money left over at the end of the month, but I'm probably not being as wise as I could be. You continue to amaze me.