Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More from Mercy

I over heard Mercy "reading" the words on her conversation hearts after dance class. It went like this, "To Mercy From Ms. Lindsey (her dance teacher) who shows us our dance so we can have fun in dance class. Here's a snack you can have at your home. I love you. Goodnight. I love you." then to herself, "Isn't that sweet?!"

Now keep in mind while she was reading the one or two word phrases on the hearts, she is using her finger to scan the words as if actually reading. Back and forth and back and forth with her pointer finger as if with no problem at all, every word of what she verbalized truly was printed on those hearts. So funny and so cute.

Just the other day, she, of her own volition, decided to play with W. She brought him toys that she thought he might like and of course instructed him how to use them. She coddled him as even grown ups do with babies. It was very sweet. So I encouraged that behavior saying, "you are such a great big sister!"
to which she replied, "Yes, I know. I bet you wish you had me for a very long time!"
with raised eyebrows, from surprise and hilariousness, I replied. "Oh yes! I do wish that everyday!"

She never fails to bring entertainment of the highest degree.


Alyson Roth said...

LOL! Oh my goodness, I'm giggling so much over here at my little M! She is full of herself, isn't she? Haaaahahaha! No pride in her AT all!

Shelby said...

ha ha ha... love this too... when you think of it though, yes, you do wish you had her for a very long time, as i wish i had stone for a very long time! it's amazing how life should have always been with our kids and hubbys, ya know??