Thursday, February 05, 2009

Strange...and other stuff

I was just thinking STRANGE cause I share my ipod with my hubs and I put it on shuffle and some heavy metal thing is the first song in the fray! So not me! So I'm trying to have a me morning cause its thursday and my babies are in other people's care...just didn't fit. Oh well. I did sneak out to Dunkin Donuts with a coupon for a free donut with purchase of a coffee. Then off to the library to pick up some movies for myself and for M.

Good selection today. I was thrilled to find The Hungry Catepillar and other Stories DVD there. If you haven't seen this, you should. It is all Eric Carle and the Music is fantastic. M loves it! I also picked up some YOGA video. Thinking that I need to do a good bit more stretching in my daily routine, I thought I'd get some ideas here. haha! wonder if I'll crack the case open? We'll see.

Just got a bday invite for M that happens to be this weekend. Need to RSVP. But, that doesn't leave much time for planning, that's when I'm thankful for my prize box in my closet. When I find a good gift for an incredible price, I buy it and stash it away. I have just the thing for this little girl and it's already been purchased! Hallelujah.

Need to go clean and fix my hair. Guess I should, but I'm enjoying the doing of nothing. Going to babywearing tonight. Wish my Mei Tai was done, but I don't think I'll have time to finish it before I go. Plus I really need more fabric than I originally picked up. phooie.

Gonna file our taxes soon and hoping for a refund (most likely since we had a kid this past year). Wonder what we'll do with it. I have a list of things I'd love to do with it, but who knows. Most of it involves going to some type of Doctor. Our insurance (though we are thankful to have some) isn't very good. My hubs informs me that there are tons of people in the same situation as us. Sad though. Such hard times. I long for days when our budget can breathe a little, but I am so thankful that we went the debt free way, cause we don't have to deal with a lot of the problems that others are now having to deal with.

Well, nuff said. Gotta go be a housekeeper for a while.


kathylovemeyer said...

I do love those "do nothing" days especially when I stay in my pj's most of the day:)
As far as yoga...I'll put a link on FB for you to check out as a Christian alternative.
What is a Mei Tai??
Being debt free is a blessing in which we all need to strive for. It really sets you free and keeps you dependent on the Lord. In America we forget how blessed we are with material wealth when compared to the rest of the world:)