Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crazy Times...

Been dealing with a sick girl all week. Not too bad really, but the fever wouldn't go away till 4th day of antibiotic! Baby boy is not quite himself either but doesn't appear to be sick. Best I can tell his tooth is about to punch through and that is probably the underlying deal there. Long nights though! We have weaned him too, which I like and dislike. Of course, the freedom to eat Moes with my family this valentine was nice, but I really set out to make it all the way through winter in the hopes of reaching the year mark. I had so much difficulty with supply (not sure if it was so much me and him). That boy can eat! it is unreal!

It got to the point that I was nursing 2-3 times a day but not for very long and still supplementing. He seemed entirely more interested in the bottle seeing as he could down that alot quicker. It was more about me than him, so I just said...oh well. Try again with the next one. Not going to beat myself up about it.

My dad's been ill and my mom scratched her eye while working in the yard during this glorious week of weather! I got an unexpected monetary gift and was able to designated it for the cloth diapering system that I'm purchasing from a friend. Yeah! I even registered for the knitting and book discussion group at the library. I ordered the book. Received it on the 9th and have finished reading it. Now to get the knitting supplies...

Gotta clean some more before it gets too late. And need to get in bed rather soon as W's nights have been pretty eventful and I need all the sleep I can get.

P.S. the reason I haven't posted any pics lately is that I'm finally using my hubs new computer and I have no idea how to do the photo stuff on it yet. When I figure it out, I'll have a hayday updating my blog.


kathylovemeyer said...

So sorry all have been sick...pray all feel better real soon. Hope Sherrell got some meds for her scratched eye...that can be really painful. Years back after working in my garden one day...I got a tiny speck of trash in my eye (I didn't know it though - it just hurt real bad!). I lived with it for a couple of days but it never got better...I couldn't even sleep well because it hurt so bad to even close my eye. So I went to the eye doctor and he saw it in my eye with some special eye equipment and proceeded to remove it. Woo - la:) It felt better immediately:) Who would have thought such a small unseen object could hurt so badly!
BTW what is a "cloth diapering system" and do I understand that you are taking up knitting:)??