Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today started off so nice. We had previous plans to spend some time with our friends, outside, washing cars. Tuesdays are get a dozen donuts for 5.99 at DD, so we took the bit of our cash that we had left and headed there. The really nice lady behind the counter let us substitute one donut for a strawberry frosted one (M's favorite). Then we headed to the post office.

I have put off going to the post office for awhile because for some reason that is one place where my children NEVER behave the way I need them too. Today was no exception. M was sooo good all morning but just found it impossible to listen and obey in that post office. Thank goodness for all the nice people that helped us. Now, we will be thrilled to hear when our friend Caleb gets his little happy. Shout out to my dear friend Kerrie. Wish I were near you and your family!

The post office is directly across from the library, so of course we chose to make a stop in. We hadn't planned on being gone long. I didn't even bring a baby bag of any kind...no diaper, nothing. So we went in with the understanding that we couldn't get much since we wouldn't be able to carry it. We came out with 10 movies and 4 books. M waited in the room where they were having storytime (I didn't even know about this but ran into a friend who informed me). I proceeded to take W and the stack of items to the car. I dropped them all in the parking lot. Thankfully someone helped me pick them up. I paid a tiny fine and then took the fam to the potty just in time for storytime.

M doesn't always do well in these, so it was going to be iffy and then on top of that it truly was W's naptime. They both did really well. It helped that one of M's school mates was there as well.

We got home in time to give W a bottle and put him to bed. I expected him to sleep for hours. that just wasn't the case. We had enough time to make lunch and eat it. M watched one of her videos from the library. Then W woke up. I put him to watching a baby einstein in his exersaucer and got ready quickly to head over to a friends. Got M ready quickly. Packed her bag and W's. Then W had left me a present in his diaper so I remedied that. Finally we were headed to Reese's house.

We have to pass the Doc on the way which jogs my memory that I was supposed to go in for W's shot only visit and M can't go back to school till she has proof of immunizations. I drop M off at Reese's and head back to the Dr just in time to see them unlock their doors. When I go in the line is long, but I'm relieved (in a weird way) to find that 3 or 4 of those in line are just drug reps. Then the first on the list can't be seen cause they don't take that insurance. So it's looking better all the time. This is a good thing since there is the one waiting room with stagnant, warm air (a breeding ground for all the germs that are surely floating around). It's too warm actually.

We wait. And wait. W poops again. There is no changing table in the bathroom there so I'm thinking surely I'll be called back soon. After an hour and 15 minutes of waiting I ask if they knwo when I'm going to be seen? they have no idea. They seem perturbed because I didn't set an appt. But it wasn't because I didn't ask. I was specifically told by Dr. and nurse to not set one. Just come in one afternoon, not friday, and get a quick shot. Apparently the nurse is out sick. They didn't inform me of that till I was very frustrated after an hour and a half.

They called me up at least 4 times. First, the bill we owed. quite a decent sum since we had been in and out all of January just about. We had recieved a bill for half the amount she quoted and were scheduled to pay it on bill pay next week, but they said she wouldn't send my chart back till I paid at least half. I have to text J to get approval. Both of us annoyed, agree we have to pay it. So we pay it so we can deal with the shots. Second, they call me up to see what W's date of birth is (which notoriously means they can't find his chart). Third, they want to know what shot he needs. I tell them I would know if they could inform me which shots he recieved at his last visit. They don't tell me and decide they'll figure it out. Fourth, they tell me he doesn't need any shots. I tell them that he only recieved 2 last visit and he is usually due for 3. In addition, the nurse told me to come in. They tell me that I should come back a day when the usual nurse is in and maybe she'll know what to give!

Now at this point I'm VERY perturbed. But I'm so calm and nice...I say I have been here an hour and a half. I do not want to come back another day. I'd like to figure it out and get it over with so that at least I'd have done something other than wait for the last hour and a half. This seems to annoy her and she says something about them being backed up anyway and me not having an appt. I tell her, it was not my choosing to do it this way. The nurse specifically instructed me to handle it this way. Well, she says, there is no way the nurse would have known she wasn't going to be here today as she called in sick. Again, not my problem. They double check. No W doesn't need another shot. Fine. But I still need M's shot record. I warned them of this when I first checked in and i was instructed to wait till after W's visit. That didn't work out.

After watching 6 drug reps come and go and waiting for now more than an hour and a half...I'm not seen but at least I got a shot record so M can go to school tomorrow. W missed his nap entirely as he was supposed to get one while waiting at the doc, so he is out cold already. AND thank goodness for friends who watch your kids at the last minute and for leftovers!

Next, we deal with the onslaught of ants in the bedroom. This is the worst place for ant season...and apparently it has begun!


Shelby said...

wow! what a day you've had! so sorry about the doctor stuff... what annoyance!! hope you have better days ahead. miss you guys!