Monday, July 09, 2007

Time to Play Catch-up

I never knew that summer was the busier time of year for parents! I'm finding it hard to keep up with blogging so the next several posts are intended to be for catching up.

So the last post was me informing you all that we've been away unexpectedly on "vacation". M and I went to San Antonio to the SBC so that I could sing in the choir. There were a lot of last minute cancellations, so I was able to go for next to nothing! It was a lovely trip in which Dad, M and I all got to spend more time together than we ever would have planned on our own! We had a blast reconnecting with my Aunt and cousins! I, too, wished that we lived closer. I love San Antonio too! I had so much fun and ate some fab mexican! Here is a slide show with the pics I have so far. Not too many, but there is a pic of our waitress one evening that also had M's name.

Unexpected Vacation