Thursday, July 19, 2007

I have Apples?!

While playing and learning in the back yard on Monday, I discovered that we have an apple tree. It's really in sad shape though because it has been woodpecked to death. Which I assume means it has a lot of bugs. As if that tree didn't have enough problems, there appears to be some type of fungus trying to take it over. is producing new shoots and apples. The apples may not be much, but having a tree that produces anything is sort of a novelty. Hopefully I'll be able to collect enough apples to try and make something. Just sounds like fun.

And speaking of food...Look how cute M is! She got this container out of my pantry and ran off mumbling about fixing "dada" lunch in "her kitchen." This is what she came up with. She even brought it to him. He thought it was so cute he took a pic. 2 is a fun age!


Nico said...

That is too cute that your little girl made lunch for daddy. Two really is such a great age. Congrats on the apples also.

Lu said...

2 is definitely fun! I am learning things everyday! :) Bubbie is actually remembering things I've said and telling stories! :) They grow up so fast!