Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chicken Wraps and Contest Update

Nico and Rebecca suggested doing chicken wraps. Tortillas, chicken, whatever sauce you want...

Here's how we did it. M ate the nuggets dipped in honey mustard. I had tortilla with chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and honey mustard. Hubby had the same but plain once and with ranch the second time. He actually commented that he liked the ranch one. M gobbled up the chicken and honey mustard. Here is a pic. M took a bite of the tortilla first...and don't be offended by my "china".

Tomorrow at lunch I'm having it on a salad as Nico also suggested. Then for dinner (maybe) I think I'm going to try Chicken Parmesan suggested by Kendra. That's if I don't need a chicken break! Keep the suggestions coming!

BTW: I'm hoping to close out the contest by the end of the month instead. I hope to be completely out of nuggets/fingers and breaded chicken in general by then. So Comment until the 31st of July then come the prizes!


Nico said...

Hey Gini, I hope that dinner was super yummy ;), thanks for the link and comment too.

If you have it on hand, you might crumble some crisp bacon on the salad too. I'm hungry all ready.