Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chicken Fingers Contest!

It's my first CONTEST to host! Those of you who've already given your input in the previous posts comments section have been entered! I decided this will make a great contest. I will try all of your "recipes" and take pics. I'll post the pics and a review of each result. On Aug 15th I will announce the winner. This will be judged simply on ease and "family taste test!"

  1. Go to the comments and post your suggestion and/or recipe for what I can do with the loads of breaded chicken nuggets and fingers I have acquired from Angel Food Ministries boxes.
  2. When you post your comment make sure you leave your contact info (blog site and/or email info) If it makes you feel more comfortable, just email me the info.
  3. Last possible day to enter is July 31st! I will try each recipe for lunch or dinner, and use my family for help in judging. I will post the winner shortly thereafter and contact him or her for prize delivery.
  4. WHAT DO I WIN?! A Homemade collection of various items. Homemade Jams for sure, and definitely something from the sewing center; a taggie security blanket maybe (If you have children, I would love to tailor it to your child, grandchild and such)a John-John, a pillowcase dress or outfit with top and pantaloons (monogrammed if you so desire).
  5. Get to commenting!


Gini (Hallquist) Young said...

Doing Good Ladies! So far we have 8 different entries! I'm trying one or two tonight! I'll post pics tomorrow. You think I'll be chickened out by Aug 15th?! Ha! Definitely will have to take hubby out for steak in the middle there!

beth said...

so who knew you made clothes???? I have a few orders for you!! I'm serious! How little can the pillowcase dressed come and can I get them monogrammed for Kiran?? Let me know

Nico said...

I can't wait to see who wins. Your dresses are so cute. I'm trying my hardest to think up a few more recipes.