Friday, July 27, 2007

Potty Time

We're potty training over here in our little neck of the woods. In fact, we really haven't hit it hard cause of the chaos that has turned out to be summer! But, typically M is interested in trying or "practicing" at least once every evening! We're discovering the trick for her is being naked. I know that concept is not the most acclaimed way to patty train you child, but it works rather well around here. Of course that's during the day while we are at home...what'd you think? I drag my kid out in public without clothes?!

Yesterday we had 4 potty successes! Each time there were 2 fairly back to back! The biggest success I would say was when M (making the I need to tee tee face) said "no tee tee ing in the bath!" So I asked if she wanted to get out and go on the potty. She actually said yes...and then went! I was pretty impressed! I know that the next logical step is potty training "panties" which will be just as effective as being naked. I must admit that I fear the #2 part of this training. M is already quite cognizant of the fact that she will be getting a My Lovely Pony the first several times she goes #2 on the potty. (That's the $1 version of My Little Pony--of which she knows no difference).

Still yesterday she pulled her diaper off without my knowing so she could practice going potty, but at some point had to go a little #2! Ooops! A smudge on the floor! Luckily she tried to hold the mess was minimal, but oh I dread it!

We'll hit this harder when there are less distractions in the house. Cuz may be vacationing at the end of the summer, so that would be perfect. He tends to get really mad when she's in the potty and he can't come in. Not to mention when we are all out and about together, he tries to flush the potty while she's still trying to go! That is a little unnerving I can imagine.

Ahhh. The fun times of potty training! More to report on that I'm sure!


Miss Beth said...

WAY TO GO M!!! and Mommy too! Praying for Potty Success! I told T$ that I would buy her big girl panties and the same stands for M! So Potty Success=new princess panties from Miss B!!! I know I'm a cool friend to have but I know what goes into this potty time and its ROUGH on all family members!

Shelby said...

Sorry Cuz is a distraction during potty time! He has a thing for wanting to be IN the bathroom while someone's doing their "business." Not sure why!! But, WAY TO GO M!!!