Thursday, July 26, 2007

There's a Mouse in My House

Fun Book. Not so fun reality.

Never before...and hopefully never again...will I see what I saw last night while lying in bed reading. I thought I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. But when I really looked I didn't see anything. When we chose to rent this house, we knew that this was an old mill house and so the small hole in the wall behind the door didn't really bother us. Well, it does now. Last night the "movement" that caught my eye returned as I continued to read and in the dim light, I was quite certain it was a very tiny mouse. I'd guess 2 inches long or so. It was surprisingly cute, although at first I desired to speak no louder than a whisper while standing on the bed trying to "call" my husband into the room. Of course, he thought I was crazy. He even said so, thought he might need to send me to some therapy!

Then I spotted the mouse (who from henceforth will be referred to as Chester), and he was under the baby bed headed straight for me. Then Chester realized that he didn't much like me either and tried to run back to his hole (where hubby was standing). We played the game of trying to box him in, having no clue what we'd do if we were actually successful, but he "disappeared." Yes, I know. Oh so comforting as I am supposed to crawl back into bed and try to sleep. I made hubby search every crevice for Chester. Hubs turned up nothing. We had blocked under all the doors, so Chester's only hope was his hole. I assume that's where he went.
Then Hubs did one of the dumbest things I think he has ever even attempted to do!!! He gets my favorite pair of blue jeans out of the basket and heads for the hole. When I ask him what he's doing, he proceeds to tell me that he is going to plug up Chester's hole with my jeans. Uh...No! I then try to shed a little light on the insanity of that thought process, to which he then opts for the old, dirty beach towel to do the temporary plugging. Whew!

Believe it or not, I eventually did fall asleep, but I did dream about scores of tiny mice coming in the air conditioning vent! What an experience. Chester's hole is still plugged with that beach towel and you'd better believe I'm not touching it with a 10 foot pole! The exterminator is coming tomorrow, so until then I still look for Chester when I go in and out of my room. So far, no further sign of him! Whew! Bye bye Chester...and good riddance!



You have to try the glue traps. We caught a mouse with one back in Greenwood. This mouse had set up residence in the back of our fridge for months and months. Imagine the horror of discovering his home in back of the fridge. We spent our 3rd anniversary cleaning the mess. In fact I threw my vaccuum away after the incident because I was so disgusted by what it had sucked up! YUCK!