Monday, July 16, 2007

O.K. The List

Stars indicate those items that were on my grocery list already. So here is the list of items I got at the sidewalk sale:

*28 oz. Kraft Minute Rice
*2 boxes of Hickory Farms Cracker (like ritz)
Brownie Mix
Magnetic ABC's for the fridge
* 4 small cans of spaghettios
1 can of peas and carrots
*Lipton Decalf tea (48 bags)
*4 6packs of Tropicana Apple Juice
* 4 Ocean Spray Cranberry Rasberry Juice (32 oz)
* 5 packets of Capri Sun
* 3 boxes of Fruit snacks-Kelloggs
* can of Kidney beans
*2 cans of Pinto beans
* XL can of black beans
2 soups at hand (campbells)
*3 boxes of poptarts
3 pack of Orbit gum
1 pack of Latex kitchen gloves
*3 cans of green beans (green giant and del monte)
*2 cans of canola oil spray
1 chicken boullion
1 pickles
1 big tin of Altoids
*2 boxes of cheese crackers (1 gerber graduates)
*Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
*4 cans stewed tomatoes
1 Campbells Select Soup (on the go)
*1 bag of tortilla chips
*1 bag of animal crackers
*One-A-Day Multi-vitamins (plus cholesterol)
1 box of Cheerios
1 gerber graduates veggie crackers
1 Smuckers Magic Shell (Twix)