Thursday, March 01, 2007

Inexpensive Fun!

Superfrugality led me to these vinyl stickems on sale the week after valentine's day! They were .75 cents! I chose the ones with other pics besides typical v-day things. This one has funny little bugs on them. We have a clear glass door behind our regular door (or in front of depending on what direction you're looking from I suppose). We like to keep it open to let in the natural light, and so I brought out the stickems which was so much fun. Mercy was so tickled over my .75 find! So much fun to be had on three little quarters...AND they aren't stickers, so you can reuse them over and over! Even better!


it's a Mom thing said...

Those are great. I have a set I just pulled out last week that I used in my classroom. It's a whole book with stick-ums for each season/holiday.
When I picked T$ up from her class last night, M just ran over to me and let me love on her a minute. We need to get these girls together sometime to play.

Gini Young said...

Oh fun! Definitely gotta get the girls together!