Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Cleaning 2

Mercy's room is done all but the hanging of one shelf that will house an old doll of mine! At least I'm still trekking along however slow. My room never got completed...though very near truly. However, there is no other place to put clean laundry because of our space limitations and all you moms know how never ending both laundry and dishes are! Still...After Easter for sure I will get back on the cleaning streak. My husband and I did put in a lot of work one weekend. We clean swept, organized stuff into attractive bins and baskets, we hung pictures! Lots of them. Jason built, painted, and hung shelves, and then cleaned and trimmed the yard. Still...always so much more to be done you know. Always. So here are the pics of Mercy's room. Enjoy, all those who've always wondered. This is very nearly as good as it gets.