Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How Much Do I Pay?

These kinds of lists usually help me:

likemerchantships says that she buys when:

  • chicken quarters hit .29/lb
  • whole chickens .69/lb **Bloom has had these at .49/lb on more than one occasion
  • bone-in chicken brests .99/lb
  • boneless, skinless chicken breasts are $1.69/lb or less
  • lean ground beef is .99/lb
  • turkey breasts are .99/lb
  • steaks are $2/lb
  • sausage is .99/lb
  • fresh shrimp is $5/lb
  • salmon is $3/lb
  • canned wild salmon is $1/14oz.
  • canned tuna is .35/can

I couldn't tell you any better than this. Here is the catch. A lot of these prices are rare, so when you find them, stock up. Fill your freezer or borrow some room in a friends deep freeze.

Now for random other things that I have found;

I try not to pay more than...

  • Cereal--$1 or less
  • Canned veggies--.35-.25 cents
  • Bag Salad--$1.50-.96
  • Coke--4/$10
  • Deodorant (no brand preference)--free-$1
  • toothbrushes--free
  • toothpaste--free
  • shampoo--$1-free
  • spaghetti sauce (premade)--$1--less
  • pasta--.26-.50
  • little debbies--.69
  • pringles--.76
  • apples--.99/lb
  • grapes--.99/lb
  • liquid fabric softener (i prefer gain)--$3-3.50
  • liquid detergent--$2-$2.50
  • dishwasher detergent--$1-$1.50
  • diapers--176/$26 (Sams!)
  • spiral sliced ham--1.49/lb
  • bread (loaf)--.59-.79
  • boxed potatoes/rice--.40-.69
  • milk--$2.25-2.50
  • bottled water--3.33-$4/24 pk.
  • cake mix--.20-.63
  • brownie mix--.25--.63
  • yogurt--.33/cup
  • pain reliever 1.99/small bottle
  • frozen pizza--$1.00-$1.50 medium/large
  • frozen waffles--$1.00/10 count
  • Toilet Paper (cottonelle) $3.50/12

Who knows what else. I think I'll keep this list going and try to revise and update it as I can. There are some things on our list that you would never buy, but some are for lunch making and taking, and others are for fast breakfasts so as to avoid a husband who would rather sleep late and eat fast food out.

Also note!!! this link if you have an ALDI near you, this blogger made a price list of everything in her ALDI, so before you go out and shop the deals, check her list to make sure it is a better deal.


it's a Mom thing said...

Great post, Gini!!! Love your good work. And of course I love Meredith and Amy, too!

Gini Young said...

Miriam, I was hoping this would be helpful to you! I'm not so good at the menu planning thing, but the price list thing can be very useful. feel free to add to the list.