Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another Success

My sister was in town and wanted to watch the kids (M and her cousin), so I got to run all my grocery errands so as not to miss out on any freebies from the list (or really good deals). I didn't get to do as much preparation as usual and so my route for shopping hopping was not pre-arranged. This cost me in a little of time and extra gas. Not too much hopefully. Needless to say, that is my only complaint!

One of my bloggiest friends asked me if I ever got anything that could make an entire meal or was it mostly just toiletry items that I got the best deals on. When you see my pics, you do see a lot of toiletries. I think that is because I typically get meal type things and meat and such in my Angel Food Box each month.

That ministry is so helpful to us. Some months are better than others, but so far we are still getting far more than the $25 we pay for it. In fact, I'll post this month's list below.

1) 26 oz. Chicken & Stuffing Bake Dinner
(4) 8 oz. Hamburger Steaks
(1) 2 lb. Lasagna Dinner
(1) 5 lb. Breaded Frying Chicken
(1) 12 oz. Philly Steak Portions
(1) 3 lb. Popcorn Chicken
(1) 1 lb. Hot Dogs
(1) 16 oz. Gourmet Bean Soup
(1) 7.5 oz. Mac & Cheese
(1) 7.5 oz. Southern Style Biscuit Mix
(1) 24 oz. Steak Cut Fries
(1) 16 oz. Peas & Carrots
(1) 16 oz. Turnip Greens
(1) 15 oz. Sliced Pears
(1) 8 oz. Pineapple Chunks
(1) 10 oz. Peanut Butter
(1) 13.75 oz. 10 ct. Waffles
(1) Dessert Item

AND, for another 4 months we qualify for WIC in our area, so that usually takes care of eggs, milk, cheese, cereal, and juice. (Free)

That is one reason why you may see less foodie type stuff in my shopping collections for now. It won't always be this way, AND "the list" does give you heads up on good meat prices, produce, etc. Ingles is typically the cheapest of all "the lists," but I haven't compared them to Aldi, Quality Foods, or Sav More (sp?)

As for the picture, there are 46 items seen. Each item individually was less than $1.19. In fact, the toilet papers are the only things over $1. 9 items were free (after coupons and rebates), some were even less than the rebate amount which means that I'll be making a few cents here and there to put towards other things. The only other things I bought today were a $2 pair of cute socks with stars, 2 special flosses at regular price (long overdue in needing these), and a box of Nice n Easy hair color that ended up costing $2 after coupons and rebates. I had Extra Care bucks to put toward my sock purchase, so I ended up getting 5 pair of socks for $2.18 Pretty amazing. Want the grand total?

Total value: $160.12

Total spent: $49.85

Savings: 69%


it's a Mom thing said...

I learn better by seeing, so I think I just need to come with you sometime so you can "show" me. And I need to do better at collecting my coupons. Hopefully tonight on th way home from church, I can stop in the store and ask for the left-over flyers. We'll see if that works.

Magner's Random Ramblings said...

Hey Gini. I connected to your blog from itsamomthing. We used to go to Taylors until we moved to Charleston about 2 years ago. ANYWAY, a ministry center here also does the Angel Food boxes. I haven't gotten over there to participate, but some of the women in my MOPS (mother's of preschoolers) group swear by it. They say it has saved them tons on their grocery bills plus they are getting to help a ministry. I hope to catch it the next go around.

Gini Young said...

M @ itsamomthing...let me know how that left over flyers thing works! I was curious about that myself.

Magner's Ramblings...yeah, it's saved us alot too. It's definitely worth looking into. I think I may have been to your site as well through itsamomthing. Thanks for the comments.