Thursday, March 22, 2007

Best Trip Yet

Before I get into my best savings trip yet, lets have an update. Yes, we are still sick around here. I am starting to really feel better, but I finally had to get an antibiotic. Oh well. M is headed back to the Dr. today. Hopefully our yard sale this weekend will cover the cost of that. Of course, she was acting totally sick yesterday, but this morning she seems perfectly fine. Maybe we'll go to the Dr. and find out everything is fine. At least then we won't have the cost of medicine on top of that. I'm really ready for us all to be well. Plus! I don't get my MDO free time today cause I've gotta take M to the Dr. Oh well, such is life and motherhood.

Now about that best trip ever!!! So I went to CVS with "the list" and bought things I needed and things that ended up being free! Amazing! Seriously. The cashier was so impressed she asked me about it and said in the end that she was hooked and was going to look it up when she got home. According to the receipt, I saved $74.27 just shopping the sales. Then you add in my coupon savings of $37.00, and the use of my Extra Care Bucks from my last visit of $21.50. Total savings was $132.77. Total spent was $22.43 (includes tax)! Wow!


Jamie said...

How do I Save money like you? Where do you get all these coupons and stuff?

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