Monday, March 05, 2007

More Coupon Fun

Made a quick run out to BiLo and CVS by my house. They are literally right next door to eachother in a strip mall. At CVS, I bought three things...I would have bought a few more, but they were out of what I needed. I got Secret Platinum for $1, feminine products for free, and downy fabric softener for $2.49 (liquid concentrate). And the register printed out an additional $15 in Extra Care Bucks! So, I now have $25 in Extra Care Bucks.

I then went to BiLo to get one of my WIC lists: Milk, Eggs, Beans, 5 Juices, and 3 Cereals for free. Then I followed my list to get the rest of the deals. I even bought some weird stuff that actually ended up being free to add to my freebie/donation pile to others in need. (Hey, It's free!) The list of scanned coupons that follows the list of items is equally long! That's hilarious! I even bought 2 big packs of hamburger meat cause we were really low! At 1.99/lb I spent nearly $11. My subtotal before savings was $67.29, my savings on coupons alone (not including sale priced items) was 35.02, and my sub-total after savings was 32.27! I bought a Gillette Venus Razor which normally runs at least $9 and after the close-out price and the coupon, it literally cost me .34 cents! Love It!

I guess Walgreens, Publix, and Ingles are tomorrow...Maybe.


Meredith Peel said...

You have seriously turned shopping into an artform. ... weirdo :-)