Monday, February 26, 2007

Color Catastrophe

I heard the noise, but thought it was something else. Sure enough when I went to check on dinner, with M* on my heels I spotted it. I stopped in my tracks and said, "Who could have done this?" She didn't do or say anything, so I asked again. Then she started crying. Amazing that children know what they should and shouldn't do. Even at 20 months. I picked her up and told her she knows that this is not acceptable and that I would have to "scold" her. Mr. Sad Spoon took care of it. I think she was sad just knowing that she had disappointed me. I told her I was going to have to clean up the crayon mess. To which was said, "Cleamup?" And so I asked, "Can you help mommy do it?" And so we did it "together". Wipes didn't work, but Mr. Clean is a Crayon Catastrophe Lifesaver!


Anonymous said...

Okay really you are making me giggle at your sweet little girl --sucker in her hair and now this ...."Mr sad spoon" uh oh! hehehe