Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Good Laugh

It finally happened. I got an out and out condescended laugh/snort from the teller in the check out line today at the home goods store. I had chosen to purchase a very eclectic something for someone who reads my blog so I can not say too much. It was on clearance more than 75% off. There was a matching one of these eclectic items only made slightly bigger and because of their large discount I was tempted to buy them both and give them as separate gifts. The larger one was more expensive (of course use that word in its context noting that it too was at more than 75% off). After milling around the remainder of the store with two other gals, I decided I would only get the one (less expensive one), save the money, save the space (mine for storing till gift giving time, and the receivers since the item is of a decent size as it is). The gift by itself is great! Being more than 75% off means it came with a scratch and a dent here and there, but nothing a little paint can't make seemingly unnoticeable.

I get up to the counter and hassle the clerk about another clearance item that is broken and would involve a major gluing task, but was cuter than the non-broken clearance one. I wanted to see if they would mark it down any further since the one that was broken was marked the same as the one that wasn't broken. They turned me down, so I didn't get that item. So, she only had this gift to ring up. She looked at me inquisitively and asked, "wasn't there another one just like this over there?" Too which I replied, "Yes, but it cost more ($3 more mind you)." That's when I heard it...the laugh/snort. I finally heard what I fear from most cashier clerks! It was sort of a relief because my suspicions have been verified and now they can be laid to rest! Apparently, some people do think I'm crazy, cheap, or an over-the-top bargain hunter!



it's a Mom thing said...

You go GIRL!!!