Friday, February 02, 2007

And We Get It

No, this post is not about SunCom or Harry Connick Jr. We got the job! Jason had his 2nd interview with a local family owned company. They are a very good company apparently, so word of mouth around here tells us. The interview was superb! And we waited for the call. And it snowed...And no one went to work or school. And his last day doing contract work for his previous company came. And we had our taxes done. And finally, he called them and they filled him in that he got the job, it pays the same as his previous one (which is great!), and they went through all the nitty grittys...the perks, the responsibilities, etc. AND we are thrilled! He starts Feb. 15th.

Thank you all for your fervent prayers. There was never a doubt that God had this. He has always been faithful.


Miriam said...

Amen and Hallelujah!!!

Lacey said...

God is good...ALL the time!

Gini Young said...

Lacey, when are you gonna start blogging?! Miss you!