Saturday, February 10, 2007

Clearance and Coupons

I'm a bargain hunter at heart; out of necessity and out of pleasure. Someone recently described it as my "high" or my "crack". Well, I certainly don't condone that, and like any other "habit" it can be a bad one if not kept in check. Need vs. Want...Need vs. Want. That's my Dave Ramsey mantra. Still, like dieting there are going to be times when that Chocolate Molten Lava with Ice Cream for only $1 more gets the better of you. At least at those times, you've got your bargaining principles in line to make the backsliding less harmful.

Today some of my wants overtook my needs at Goody's. Of course, though I cannot blame my lack of self discipline on my mother, our favorite hobby does tend to be shopping. Here was the loot we came away with. I got my Easter dress for 9.88 (originally $70), a very trendy, sassy, U.S. Polo blue jean jacket for 11.98 (originally $44), a black and a brown pair of my favorite wedge shoes 9.98 each (originally $35), a beautiful black velvet Duck Head jacket for 6.38 (originally $60), and 4 other tops, a pair of earrings (these I needed cause my others broke(and they were 1/2 off)), and a pair of black leggings with tiny white polka dots. All in all, I spent almost $72, BUT it was all worth three bucks shy of $400!!!

Using a 20% off coupon for the entire purchase and only shopping the clearance items, I was able to purchase my clothes at an average of about 83% off! Brand new! On the rack! Tags on!

Moral of the story..."Even still...never go shopping with your mother when you're hungry."


Miriam said...

Those are some great deals! I need to make a return to Old Navy...and you know what's right down from there. [Goody's] Too bad we've spent our Misc. Money for this month.
"High" and "Crack" may not have been the best words to describe that feeling. But you know you get a rush whenever you find a great deal or come back from a Saturday of yard sales with 10 items and you only spent $7.50. That's a great feeling!

Gini Young said...

Yeah. Our new budget doesn't start until next month (the new job and all). Then I'll have to be more careful.

Anonymous said...

Beth said:
I am impressed....nothing like a little retail therapy. That is what I like to call it....take today for instance...its just one of those little pick me ups and sometimes I just need it!
I guess I would say my REAL "high" is cooking--I think I should have been born into a BIG Italian family....BAM