Tuesday, April 24, 2007

About My Dad

O.K. I have a spare moment during naptime! Cuz is up and happy, but M is still sleeping so I thought I'd play blog catch up.

My dad has a lovely genetic makeup that is plagued with heart disease. His grandfather and father both died with it. And the onset was right around 53...which my dad will be in June. At his yearly physical they decided to run some tests as a precaution. Dad's only complaint being fatigue...who doesn't feel that! The initial test was high...anything over 400 and dad's was 4 something. So they decided to do more tests. The options were the heart cath or a special stress test that may or may not have been conclusive. He and my mom decided to go ahead and do the cath just to be safe. Mind you some people have that first test and get numbers in the 800's and find nothing in the cath. That was the hope...but not the case.

They found 70%+ blockage in one artery, 80%+ in another, and 90%+ in two others. So they went in. They did the angioplasty and the stents in the 4 major blocked areas. There are 2-3 more that are 40-50% blocked, so they will likely have to go back in later and do more stents. Still, Modern Medicine is really a blessing! Could have been bypass surgery. He is on meds that he absolutely cannot miss a day of or forget in any way lest he fear a heart attack and impending bypass surgery in the future.

So pray. Pray that he will be responsible and his memory will far superior to mine. Pray as he recovers from surgery, though he is tons better. Pray for his family as we adjust to this new lifestyle. Pray that I will have the where with all to remember that I have these same genes and need to be doing certina things to better my heath as well as my brother and sister. Thanks for waiting patiently for my post.


Caroline said...

I'm so glad to hear that he is doing better and that they found the blockages early enough to do something about them! We are most definitely praying for him and your family.