Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Family Pics!

Here are our Easter Family Pics. I found out just yesterday that my best friend and I, even thought we live on opposite coasts still both managed to be one of the few gals in our circles to wear out Easter Bonnets! So here are my pics. Unfortunately, we had a cold spell here and I was unable to wear my vintage look Easter dress that I got at Goody's for $9.98. I'll bring it out for another Sunday. I went shopping in my mother's closet for a top to complete my outfit. New to me and free! Of course, I gave it back during Easter lunch! Still...We all ended up coordinating surprisingly. J's tie and coat managed to disappear long before our pic was taken though. And, I had to bring 3 bows just to make sure that one made it in M's pic. Nani had planned to make a beautiful Easter dress for M form one of her Creative Needle magazines (or Sew Beautiful), but all the recent and consecutive deaths and trips crunched our time, so we found this beautiful silk dress at TJ Maxx! Always good prices there. Enjoy the pics. So much more to post another day!


Alyson said...

OMG! Ya'll are so beautiful! And Gin, you look JUST like your mother! LOL! ;)

Mercy is beatuiful as ever, and I'm SO SERIOUS that I'm comin' out there VERY SOON! You keep postin' pictures of her and I'll be there tomorrow! Love you!

it's a Mom thing said...

SOOOO pretty and fun and girls and pastel-y!!!

Some girls(you) can do Easter bonnets...some girls(me) cannot. More power to you. You looked fantastic!

Beth said...

sorry I missed the Easter attire---I only saw you when you were singing in the service and I thought to myself...."I love that jacket..." PRETTY