Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Funny Things Happen Everyday

In the fort on Sunday! Did it again on Tuesday evening! So fun!

These stories usually involve me doing the dishes and peeking in on my babes (Mand her cousin at times). So, yesterday I was doing the dishes and M and cousin were entertaining eachother. I peeked in on them to make sure they weren't into trouble and Choo Choo Soul was on. A little short hip hop clip on Disney. M loves the beat, so I find her standing on the coffee table bobbin' and dancin her heart out. I am pretty amused, but I put on the firm Mommy look and voice to deter her from teaching her cuz bad things. Then I look over and see that he too is standing in a chair and bobbin and groovin! I had to be firm, but I more wished that I had had a camera!

I slightly rearranged M's room in preparation for her future Christmas present...don't laugh I've already decided what it'll be. I moved in her cradle for her baby dolls which was previously stashed in the dining room in plain view. This morning she spots it and says "Ooo Wee!" And proceeds to get in it with her dolls! It was definitely cute the first time, but she did it again when she was getting ready for bath time. Wearing a huge smile and a diaper...I wish I had this pic!

The last was also today. Doing the dishes and working on a meal for a friend who is really sick right now, I peek in to make sure she is busy, and find that she is definitely busy! She has pulled out one of the drawers in the dining buffet and climbed in it with her crackers and her baby doll "Maggie". So hilarious. I took pics and then coaxed her out. She was too cute to scold!
The last pic is from Saturday when Mercy discovered the second line of ants in our house. Something about the fireplace that keeps them coming back...even after Apex has sprayed specifically. She is no longer afraid of ants since she realizes that she is big enough to squish them. This was very intriguing to her and I got several pics of her looking and looking.


Shelby said...

I'm loving the pic of Mercy in the drawer.. that is too hilarious! I also wish you had a video of Stone and M dancing (her on the coffee table and him on the chair). That could have won some serious $$!!

My camera is too slow to catch Stone doing cute things... will have to work on that!

Caroline said...

I LOVE the one of her in the drawer of the buffet!!! I think it is so cute:) Looks like she always keeps you on your toes!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics---M is a little pistle isn't she? Just means you will have a little thinker on your hands---I LOVE IT!!!!