Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mom my Ride

Loved this when I found my way to one of my fave blogger's daughter's blog. Did you catch all the relations? I went to do a daily checkin' on Copper's wife (you can also find this in the margin) and decided to check Corin's blog (her daughter). Found this hysterical video clip!!! so hysterical I had to figure out how to post videos just so I could show ya'll! Enjoy!


Kendra said...

You may have some new readers...I sent this on to some friends who recently got new 'rides'. Too funny!

Shelby said...

Hilarious. Kevin and I both loved it! The sad part: so true!! I'm ashamed to admit that I have remnants of fries in my car, chips, dirty tissues, toys galore and a mile of dust on my dash. I'm not very good at keeping my car clean!!

Amy said...

I loved this! I laughed until I cried and then shared it with my husband. We REFUSE to buy a minivan. Probably because my mom drove one :) We are soooo much cooler than that! :)