Thursday, April 05, 2007

While the Cat's Away...

So, I left M with J for 4 days while I traveled via car to Shreveport, La from Greenville, SC. That's 14-15 hours each way! Still, the funeral was nice. Seeing family I haven't seen in a while was even nicer. Getting to know Aunts and Uncles in a new way (as an adult) was the nicest of all.

However, this post is about the homefront while I was gone from the scene. All in all things were fine. Jason kept M at nights and on the weekend, and Shelby was in charge during the working day. Thank the Lord I had such options! Let's see...Here is the quick break down: M had an anxious tummy and had 3-5 dirty diapers everyday causing a pretty hefty diaper rash and a cranky child. On top of that she managed to eat 2 bananas each day till I put a stop to it (couldn't have helped the tummy issue any). Cousin S got mad at her lack of personal space and decided to bite her. She was fine but had a nice impression of his top and bottom teeth on her arm. Daddy decided that the paci must go (thank goodness he did this and not me). Except for her refusing her nap the first day, she did fine. Now they are in the garbage...I had a hard time throwing them out, but finally buckled down and did it today. J only called once to ask how to get her to stop crying...his solution was to strip her down and let her run around with no clothes on. Hey, it worked! I only called the Dr. once, but on the return trip I was called by Aunt S to say that M had "eaten" deodorant (the squishy gel kind) and they were calling poison control. That was fine too. I got the feeling she was putting it on her lips like lipstick. She's seen me do that 100 times with the lipstick and the motions and such are the same...remove the top, screw the bottom, rub on.

JDaddy was on a roll spending money even though we had just done the whole budget thing. I put him and I both on lock down financially until next Friday (payday). He loves to do Lowe's runs. This time I do have to say he has been paying attention. He went to PepBoys to get Oil Changing products (a project he has chosen to do to help save the pennies) He purchased a case of Valvoline for a great price and has applied for the rebate of $6.00 (some kind of coupons online too). Then the filters were really great quality and they were regular $3 and he was going to apply for the rebate of $1, but the lady at the register thought that was so silly that she gave him $1 automatically! He thinks he might still apply for the rebate! Technically he can! I was impressed and he did this all on his own without telling or consulting me till it was already taken care of. He also managed to go to the grocery store for a milk run, but ended up getting all kinds of superfluous things not using sales or coupons! My $50 weekly budget had nearly been used up when I got here. I took back 4 items that hadn't been used yet, so at least I still have $25 for the weekly budget. We are going to play raid the pantry for a while though. Still figuring out the new budget with the new job.

The only other event happened on JDaddy's watch, but in the end appeared to be my fault after all. As soon as I realized it, I confessed. The kitchen sink was clogged again. Apparently, paint is the likely culprit, and since I did unknowing rinse my brushes out in the sink, I'm guessing it was my fault. Maybe even the last time that I think about it. My poor landlords are so great, I will certainly be more cautious.

Well, JDaddy's home tomorrow for good friday so that should be really fun! May you all have a blessed Holy Weekend! Remember what it is we reflect on and Celebrate. The full gamit of love and pain entwined.