Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Call For Prayer!

One of the ladies and friends of mine in Mom to Mom has been through extreme sickness. She has been in the hospital now for at least a week with little knowledge and understanding of what exactly has been going on. Fluid continues to fill and be drained from her right lung. They did surgery Monday and drained fluid and biopsied some "spots". They are quite sure that they are cancerous and there is a mass of tumors on her right lung...and they suspect it is in her lymphnodes as well. Still iffy right now, but they aren't sure what or if they can do for her. AND she has a precious little 5 month old and two other children that her mother is caring for right now. This is a call to prayer for anyone who feels so compelled or led by God. He is a soveriegn and mighty healer so I certainly feel the need to pray for healing. Also, He has a plan regardless of how it all looks to me, so I will pray for His Will in all things. Join me in prayer for Monica and her family!


Dear All,

Monica and I just want to thank all of you for your prayers and responses. With all that is going on, I cannot at the moment respond to everyone, but we do greatly appreciate your concern.

Tonight the Oncologist came by and gave us what he knows at the moment and what needs to be done this week. Monica has been diagnosed with large cell adenocarcinoma cancer. The exact type and treatment of the cancer is yet to be determined, as well as the origin of it. It is stage 4 cancer, but it is not in the left lung, pancreas or the liver.

Treatment will be aggressive chemo over the months into the summer. The first concern to stop the fluid buildup in the lung, so that the tubes can be removed. This is a cancer that cannot be cured, but can be managed.

Please pray especially for the children as Meghan is a sharp girl and knows things are not right, and Jason who doesn't understand and is frightened. Please also pray that Monica can get some rest while at the hospital.



Anonymous said...

WE are praying for the family! We are praying for miracles!