Monday, May 28, 2007

Not So Black Thumb

Well, my grandmother and mother have a phenomenal green thumb...I on the other hand have never had much success. The whole gardening thing never really interested me until about this time last year. Unfortunately my nice little flower garden became as depressed and dried up as I did, so the black thumb struck again.

This year I really wanted to try my hand at the vegetable garden. I'm still quite scared at trying all this on my own so my mom agreed to help. Then, Mr. Lindsey said that he could send someone over to till up my land or I could just use some of his designated space and work in his garden with him. I thought that a better idea for the first year. Seeing as I know little about it and he has done this and loved this for a long time. Problem is...every time I've mentioned coming over to help we can never seem to get it together. So far, I haven't even begun to help...I hope to change that, but having the little ones in tow might be difficult.

Yesterday, I decided that the nice and simple landscaping that the landlord's established here at my house was being overtaken by weeds. (I definitely should have noticed and done something about this sooner). J watched the little peach and I spent about 2 nice, quiet hours outside sweating and getting dirt under my finger nails. It was a lot of work truthfully. Of course mostly only because I had waited sooo long to do something about it. I have some blisters and bruises and scratches, but the flower bed that I worked on looks great. I even recycled the water that we used earlier for M's pool to water the gardens. I started weeding and pruning the landscaping that goes 3/4 of the way around our house...but there is a long way to go on that. I think by the time I get to it, I just might need a bush master for the weeds! I'll have to wait till my hands heal though to hit that.

Here's a LOVELY pic of me in my gardening "outfit" HA! Enjoy!


liven1day@atime said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your site and I have to say. Your daughter and you are beautiful. Love the pic of you two under the table. Must be wonderful being a mother. I honestly can't wait to have a family of my own. Seeing your blog makes me want that so much more. Take care :)

Alyson said...

Oh Gin! That picture... um, hmmmm. LOL! Wow. Not your best pic I must say! Haha!! Call me soon! Got lots to update you on! Love you!!!!!