Monday, May 07, 2007

Been A Long Time

I know I haven't posted anything real in a while. To tell you the truth, I just haven't been "in the mood." I suppose that's something others can relate to. Things haven't been bad or anything, I just haven't had it in me. Things are a little busier than they once were, but I don't like to blame or make excuses.

So here's what's been going on. I'm keeping Cuz and M, and LOVING it! It can be a challenge at times, but we are all doing very well considering the adjustment. Naptime is no big deal as long as I put M to sleep first. I even ventured out with them both today by myself. I took them to the zoo once, but at least I knew I'd have friends to help. Today I had tiny errands to run and I desperately needed bread. So, I did everything in the order that it came. I deposited a check at the bank, then mailed a letter at the post office, dropped off some freebies at a friends (who lives next door to the post office), went to ALDI, then got gas on the way home. I got paid for last week, so I used 2/5 of it at ALDI, 2/5 of it getting gas, and the 1/5 left is for my book I need for our new Bible/Book study that starts tomorrow! God really provides.

We are living on fumes right now for two because it's the first of the month and every bill is due at the same time (bad planning), and two because M came down with a double ear infection from nursery. Since our insurance doesn't kick in till June first, the Dr. visit and the medicine (which was 2X what the Dr. visit cost) was all unexpected and out of pocket. No big deal...we have savings for those emergencies, but we spent half of it on our car emergency last month. We didn't use savings this time, we are just going to pinch and skrimp so that the next half of the month we'll be able to put some back into savings to replenish. Ah, the joys of balancing a house on one income.

I prayed a lot about it, and I know that this is where God has me to be right now. I love that...knowing that, because I know that no matter what, He will provide our every need...especially when we are in His will.

I've got tons of pics to post. I'll work on that. We just got back from a much needed weekend away to the mountains! It was WONDERFUL! Soooo quiet and just cool enough to have a fire the whole weekend. We slept in till almost 10 everyday (it's been years folks!) and read (also a very long time since I've read anything). Thanks to Mom and Dad for watching M for us. We know she is pure love and pure exhaustion all mushed together.

More blogging to come...


beth said...

Glad that you were able to get away for a quiet weekend! LOVE GRANDPARENTS! You are a great mommy,auntie and friend! Can't wait to start Bible study--see you tomorrow night! :)

It's a Mom Thing said...

Ahhhh...the mountains. Where did y'all go?

I would love to get away just with B, but I'm not sure when or if that will ever happen. Gotta pay the bills, y'know...which includes being at church on Sundays.

Just give me one weekend with my hubby, please. :)
(Sorry for the rant, just had to vent).

Caroline said...

I'm glad to hear that you and J had a great getaway weekend!!! It is nice to be able to do that every once in a while! Have a great time at Bible Study tonight:)