Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pray for Jason

We're feeling slightly anxious and very frustrated right now. As much of a hit to our pocket book this last pay period's medical bills were, apparently the insurance we were looking forward to is going to be an even bigger hit to our monthly income! His company wants to take a $892 a month out of his paycheck for insurance! Ha! With what that leaves, there isn't enough for us to live on...especially with one income! He's so livid right now he wants to cuss and give them his resignation! Of course we don't act out of anger or impulse...but I'm just telling you that's where he is.

Pray for his patience. Pray for his temper. Pray for wisdom in figuring this job stuff out. Pray for his interview with another company that he has on Friday. We'll make it through. no doubts. God has always and continues to be faithful!


It's a Mom Thing said...

You're right. You will make it through and God will sustain you. I will be praying for Jason. I'm sure he's as mad as a hornet. That's a HUGE chunk of change...more than I've ever seen taken out for insurance for a "famiy." Gosh!

I hope it get straightened out!

Caroline said...

I work with insurance with my company and it is similar to that for "family" coverage here. One thought is to have coverage for you and him through his company which should be a lot less and then get independent coverage for M. A lot of people I work with have gone this route! Just a suggestion - good luck! Insurance is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

beth said...

I did that when I worked at hale's ...I took 2 seperate ones out for J and W and then had my own which was much cheaper than a family plan....Insurance....... BAH HUMBUG