Monday, May 21, 2007

Called in Sick to the Dr.

Yes, I did. I called in sick to the Dr. I know how awful this is on their end. I was in the medical office staff for 3 years and remember this being annoying. But with the help of compiled opinions, I decided to reschedule my lady Dr. appointment. Yes, I am overdue thanks to our holiday move, but the timing now is way off on so many levels! So, I'll have to try a little harder and reschedule as best I can. These things are no fun to schedule cause to get in it's a 2 month out process. Also, we have no idea about our insurance at this point so it's out of pocket. Because of this I was going to refrain from addressing any issues other than just my regular visit. I couldn't afford any lab work or tests...not out of pocket anyway.

I will eventually go. I will eventually have my cholesterol checked and any other heart related things dealt with since it is now very evident that my genes are likely to be working against me. Hopefully the health and insurance annoyance in my life will unravel sooner rather than later.