Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nosy Neighbor and the Mysterious Shed

Seriously...only a stay-a-home mom or a retiree could post about this! Ha!

So here's the beginning. We have some lovely neighbors. We don't REALLY know them, but we have met them. They are of a different nationality, so there are surely some cultural differences here that I may be missing on. The story begins with a knock at the door. A nice looking, white haired sale man type is standing there once I figure out how to get the gall-dern locks all unlocked at the same time (we had just moved in and the old doors and locks are all backwards-not to mention there are 3 on the front door). He asks me about my neighbors explaining that they have had septic problems and he is the one who is doing the work. I tell him that I just moved in--literally--and have not idea although I have been told just a little about them from the land lord. He leaves his card and explains that he simply wanted to show his face and let me know that he had been here because they refuse to pay their bill. (Great I'm thinking...I don't know a thing and I don't wanna know cause I don't wanna be in the middle of anything.) Come to find out the man leaves a message for the neighbor about our visit on their answering machine.

Now...where does that leave me?! In the middle. So the neighbor is coming over twice...leaving his card for me to call if I hear from the guy again. Finally we catch up late in the evening and the neighbor I suppose is trying to defend himself to me. Of course, let's say this all together now, "I DON'T KNOW AND I DON'T WANT TO." No, I didn't say that aloud! How rude do you think I am?! So neighbor asks for card which salesman left. Here, you can have it. I play dumb but still find out more than I wish to. Apparently neighbor has called the news and paper about the squabble over payment and work which is not being done. So I can see it now...here I am (always at home cause I'm a stay at home mom and new in town), and the news crew comes a knocking with cameras in my face to get my take on the whole issue! "I don't know and I don't want to!"

Thankfully, the news crew never came looking for me...and many weeks later it seems the neighbors had their septic issue resolved. I kept waiting for them to come trekking across the yard asking to use the bathroom but that never happened either! There were large, yellow big trucks/machines (Lord, I don't know which one is which...I never learned the differences in the bulldozers, front end loaders, etc). So half of their yard was a flattened ugly mess of red clay! Which they have done nothing about to this day.

That folks, was my introduction to my neighbors. Mind you they could be truly lovely people...but I don't have the faintest idea. I missed out on the big family celebration they are said to have in May. I was out of town.

Next post I will let on more about the mysterious shed...