Friday, August 25, 2006

True Friends

You know those friends that you've known for a long, long time and nothing ever gets old. I don't mean their quirks or idiosyncracies. Those almost always get old eventually. I just mean that excitement and feeling of newness never wears off. You always want hear their next story or checkin to see how they're doing.

Thankfully I have a few of those. I chatted online with one last night. We've known each other since college and were in eachothers weddings, and believe it or not, we still talk. Like you might expect, it's not all the time and it's mostly thanks to the internet connection, but it's one of those that you pick up where you left off. Talking to her is always refreshing!

Then there's Alyson. Check out her blog at She and I have also been friends since college. She's had such a life and is halfway across the country, but we still check in. I always want to see her even if it's just for 30 minutes passing through, going somewhere else. We check in once in a while and we still pray for eachother as we remember. Well, Alyson visited! Mercy loved her--and her chair. Here are the pics from the visit!


Alyson said...

LOL! Oh my goodness! I didn't need a whole blog dedicated to me like this! Gin, you're so goofy. But isn't Mercy a TOTAL HAM???! I love it!!! Thank you... Mwuuuah!