Thursday, August 24, 2006

Road Trip Update!

So...I forgot my camara on our road trip. This is only slightly annoying since everyone else took pics. I will post some when I get some. Until then, my story will have to do.

It's great taking a road trip with your sister. I'm not one for cheesiness, but in all truth there really is a bond that only sisters share. It's even better taking a road trip with MY sister because she has a memory that won't quit and a mind that can really tell a story. For those of you who know me, you know that my memories are limited and disjunct, so just hearing Meredith tell "You remember when" stories from our childhood was fabulous! No, most of those stories I didn't remember, but through her telling sensed that vaguely familiar connection. Some things I had no memory of, so she could have just made something up, but even so, it was great!

Relatives are an unusual bunch. You love seeing them, but you can only take so much. It was great seeing my grandmothers and my aunts and uncles. I especially loved seeing Renee and the kids. And Ryan for that matter. You sort of forget how much you missed people until you see them again. And I found myself wishing for more time to catch up or more connections in order to reconnect. Seeing my aunt kathy was refreshing because I found her to be so much like my mother except more calm or laid back or something.

I did not sleep well at all on the trip. Not one night really. I could hear Mercy's every move, not to mention it's hard when you're not sleeping in your own bed--AND--I forgot my own pillow. I didn't get any naps which I'm used to getting staying home with Mercy and all. Needless to say, I fairly certain that Mercy felt the same way because she eventually got cranky and whiny and just wanted to go, "bye bye." She got tons of mosquito bites and bonked and scraped her head and arm. I swore Jason would never let me take her away again when he saw her, but it really wasn't so bad.

You know, on road trips, the stupidest parts were always the most fun. Well, Mer and I went on this trip with absolutely no directions which was hilarious. We simply tried to rely on our memories to get to where we needed to go. We always got there, but not without several turn arounds. Especially humerous (only cause we survived and were not in immediate danger) was getting turned around in downtown Shreveport. Somehow, twice, I managed to turn down a one way street the wrong way. Luckily no one was close enough for us to be a danger or in danger. Jason would have been annoyed because we didn't have directions! And certainly if we had gotten truly lost, I would have been annoyed as well. But we always had a general idea of where we were. And the signage was good, so we faired well.

I traded numbers with my cousins and asked for recipes from my nene. I sewed with my aunt and grandmother and sister, and traded baby toys and clothes with my cousins. I even got a jacuzzi bubble bath! All in all, I'm thrilled that I went! We were tired and ready to go, but you take the good with the bad, you suck it up and do it. And you're always glad you did.