Sunday, August 13, 2006

Road Trip!

So, I'm going on a road trip! Haven't done that in quite some time. I mean, I've been on trips to visit my family, but this time it's with my sister. You know, those college days when you decide at the last minute to pile in a car and go somewhere just cause you feel like it. That's this. My sister and I actually found ourselves discussing Indigo Girl albums! That's old school for us.

Ah...I remember the days when the windowsheild was so iced over, and we were running so late that we'd drive to school with the windows down and our heads out the window, Indigo Girls compilation tape blaring over the outside noise. We'd both be singing and happy even if just for those few minutes. You all know how high school is. Stupid and unhappy, trying to find the meaning in life (this is where I'm rolling my eyes at myself)!

Mer. She was the only one standing by my side--and seating next to me in a seat that I paid for--when the Girls came to town on the same night as the Passion concert. Some people thought we were heathens, but we just knew good music and limited opportunity. Well hopefully this coming weeked will involve lots of good music and many small windows of opportunity!

We are going to see our grandmothers. First to Jackson, where we will see various aunts and uncles and cousins from my mom's side, then to Shreveport where we will stay with my dad's mom, and hopefully see many more cousins and aunt's and uncle's from my mom's side. I hope everything works out seeing as it's fairly short notice! I'll write back int with more after roadtrip commentary!


Alyson said...

You bringing the baby or leaving her with Jason? And are you gonna stop by New Orleans?? Be safe!

Meredith Peel said...

I am so excited about our trip and glad I can actually go! I really have been having trouble getting to sleep. I've been thinking about spending time with you and Mercy and getting to see everyone. It's going to be great. You're not missing out on anything with American Idol tryouts. (It's their loss).
PS - One of these days I'll return the favor and buy YOUR ticket to an Indigo Girls concert or something equally as cool.