Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thank You Sis!

A BIG shout out to my sister in Auburn for helping me to fix my silly blog! And mom too. No more random color mixing! And yes, there is certainly much more to say here.

I have been couponing again...til 1 am in the morning again! There just aren't enough waking hours sometimes. I just about missed the triple coupons at BLOOM which ended tuesday I certainly wasn't expecting it as I just did this about 2 weeks ago! A friend on Facebook informed me and so I spent the rest of the night sewing and couponing to get ready for an early morning run to the store. Much success ensued. I was and possibly still am a little bit confused on the actual specifications of using coupons in the triple coupon scenario and I will hopefully get clarification tomorrow. I spent $18.73 and saved $36.05.! That's not bad! This time I didn't get coupon crazy and buy things I wouldn't normally. I got a lot of rice, juice, bathroom tissue, spaghetti sauce...so I gelt even better about my $18 purchases.

But my week has been much more full than even that! Monday, I took W to the dr. for a recheck of his ears...which were clear! But Tuesday after my Bloom run, I picked M up from school and she was out of sorts. Apparently she had taken quite a fall in the gym about 30 minutes prior to schools end. She was running full force and ran into a boy. Bonk heads and then fell backwards and hit her head on the gym floor. Once the screaming subsided, the teacher said she kind of got back to playing, but no too long after she started to deteriorate.

On the way home she was droopy trying to fall asleep. I called the dr. He said she could sleep but just wake her up after about an hour. She did not want any lunch. So she laid down to sleep, but then she started throwing up. This is when mama knew we'd most likely be on our way to the ER. And the Dr. said go...so we went.

Of course the minute we arrive at the ER she is her old self again...for the most part. Funny, entertaining everyone, happy, excited about this new adventure. She stuttered a little over the word "flower" at one point. And not much later, stumbled over an entire sentence...that is a little scary as she is extremely clear and articulate verbally. But the dr. said that is very normal for a good joggle of the brain. He felt like "her cognitive skills are amazing!" So after a long day of blood pressure taking, pulse taking, heart listening, hospital gowns and gatorade, we were able to go home. Lots of special treatment of course. Happy meal on the way home and then dinner right after that!

The next day we tell her teachers to keep an eye on her. She was fine. Chose to have quiet time rather than actually sleep during nap time. But...after that she felt really warm. 102.9! sheesh. So we call the Dr. We called the ER. They say it is not likely to be related to her head injury, so we schedule an appt for first thing in the morning. And hey, she has Strep! Which she most likely got from the ER! So we have now been to the Dr or ER 3 times this week! So we have been taking care of our patient for the rest of the week. Very high temps have subsided and we are now fever free. Runny noses on both counts of the kids, so we had to miss Cuz's bday! So sad. We had so been looking forward to it! Still I guess we now have something to do for fall break in 2 weeks.

Here's hoping that next week is much more calm! I've done and redone so much laundry that I'm surprised the machine still works! Trying to keep the germs to a minimum.