Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mac Truck

Well, one can only go so long at full speed before there engine gets run down. I think that is most likely where I am right now. Hope that's all that is making me feel so sluggish anyway! The house was so quiet just moments ago cause of the naps, but I swear that W can hear the clicking of the keyboard or something because he always wakes up! Still, he will stay in there a bit while he is at least happy.

He has been extremely cranky lately and my mother's intuition (which is likely skewed by my own feelings at this point) tells me that something is wrong. Let's hope I'm off on that one. MOST likely he is just cutting teeth. I believe he's a good bit overdue for 2 or 3 anyway. He is very mommy-centric right now, which I would think I am supposed to love and eat it up, but truthfully it gets old.

I won't wish it away...not for anything in the world, cause I'm certain it will disappear soooo quickly, but the demands being ever constant get rather cumbersome with a 16 month old hanging off one hip! I think I managed to get mostly all of the resewing projects done for M and even added an extra one in. So the other night I was able to finish up about 10 pieces of clothing for her and 2 for myself. I believe I only have about one or two more for her. Then on to W! Got to throw him together some really cute things before the cold sets in for good.

Went to a huge couponing seminar/workshop thing last night. I waffled a good bit on whether or not to go. I mean the point of couponing is to save money and I was going to spend $10 to learn more about it. I felt like I knew most of it. I decided that I needed to get my behind out of the little world that can consume me, and step out and be sociable. (This didn't used to be so difficult!) And it wasn't really difficult, just with all that is forever on my plate I don't want to do something else before I've finished what's in front of me. J said I'd be glad I went cause even though I think I know it all, there will be some nugget that will make it worth it.

He was right of course. I learned 2 nuggets. The most exciting one was about B1G1 sales in the drugstore! Apparently the way the items ring up is different than at a grocer, making a bogo at the drug store a much better deal! Never new that! Then there was the nugget that freed me from coupon hell (excuse my french if that bothers you). I was spending/wasting (you decide) about 3 nights a week working with coupons! yuck. I would much rather be sewing, working out, spending time with my hubs! Well, now I know the quickest and easiest way to organize my coupons that takes little to no time at all! Seriously! File the whole insert after you have written the date at the top. Don't cut those coupons! Then when you read the Southern Savers list you know where to look in your file. AFTER you make your list, cut the coupon and your ready to roll!

Aha moment for me there! Well, there is always more to tell, but for now I will have to go get the baby who is now very aware that I'm right outside his room and awake.


w and js mommy said...

I hear ya on the coupon organizing --I'm excited to file them!!

Jay has been quite the crankenhiemer lately too--I checked and yup TEETH all 4 molars!