Monday, October 05, 2009

Among other things...

I have been up till 1 am the past two nights (or mornings I should say). Partially due to a late cup of coffee and a thousand and one things I'm attempting to squeeze into my life.

Among other things, I have managed to resize one adult turtleneck into M's size! Cream so it can go with and under MANY things. It was quite simple actually! I cut down 3 adult turtle necks actually the same night. Another one I made into a dress which looks pretty awesome actually and the last one will just be a shirt, but it's not quite finished yet. Almost. I was going to take pics and then realized 2 things. The batteries in the camera were dead and I don't have anymore batteries in the stock pile.
I will take some pics though...eventually.

Among other things, I've been faithfully clipping coupons still in preparation for another try at the grocery game. Got 2 of each coupon for the past 4 weeks. Still have to sort the ones from this week though. Not sure if this is going to really hook me cause ALDI is just easier and I always know I'm getting the best price! I keep saying, if I can get stuff for basically free, then I suppose that would be better and thus worth it.

Among other things, we decorated for Halloween last night. We don't do this. The whole evil scene is not something we encourage. In fact, it makes me rightfully nervous. So, hubs and I talked it over...since M was really wanting to decorate, and we decided that if we could do it where in all the "creatures" looked cartoony and happy...not scary even a little, then we would let M decorate. Obviously we didn't go overboard on those decorations either. We went to the dollar store for this extravaganza. We bought a cartoony totem pole type door hanging with all sorts of Halloweeny characters. We got two inflatable cutesy ghosts and some "spider webbing" and a biggish spider. That's it. The ghosts are hung in the tree with colorful ribbon, the door hanging is on the door after a little redrawing and fashioning of the witches face cause even the cartoon character in this instance looked a little mean. Not anymore! A sharpy and some pseudo googly eyes did the trick! We spread the spider webs in the front bushes and used pipe cleaners to attach the spider to the white post out front.

We don't believe in Halloween and celebrating evil...but we do believe in making something good out of something that may have originally been intended for bad. We believe in play and imagination...dressing up, etc.

Among other things, we may have found a resting place for awhile as far as churches go. This could be a long paragraph, but I will keep it short. 2 years ago we were severely injured by a local church. We haven't recovered...may never fully. So we have wandered around trying to reconcile the situation. M has been going to school (much by accident--though I don't really believe in accidents) at Duncan Christian Academy. We love it and love that our child is talking more about God and asking questions...singing songs, learning Bible verses weekly. They had DCA day at the church there.

We get that they are just trying to "hook" the parents a bit by bringing the into the church to present the gospel. And truthfully they did an excellent job! I much prefer a going out approach, but we went understanding this concept cause we both grew up in Baptist churches. They honored our very deserving teachers. They featured the children singing. They had some very well done music with a choir that packed out the loft! I wasn't thrilled that it was generally done to tracks, but this is a rather small church. The gospel presentation was well done. I was annoyed at first by the phraseology. The church phrases that lost people would absolutely never understand without explanation. But I won't complain because the pastor did explain the phrases he used; one by one. The thing that struck me most about the church is that it had LIFE! the people were glad to be there and seemed to genuinely be worshiping God! Hallelujah!

So, who knows what it's like every week...but we finally found something that we are excited to try again. Who would've ever thought it would be a "first baptist church". At least in some respects, we know the drill! Ha ha!

Among other things, I exploded two hard boiled eggs in the microwave yesterday! Lesson learned! Not a centimeter of the microwave was left untouched! Shew! What a mess, what a smell, and what a clean up!


It's a Mom Thing said...

I was thinking about you this weekend and wondering how that "refashioning" was going. Can't wait to see pics.

I'm with you on Halloween. I just try to not make a big deal about it and have a little fun. It is interesting how excited the kids get about ghosts, witches, etc even though we never talk about those kinds of things. It's like the world is so enticing, they just can't help it. Kinda scary thought.

I bet your decorations are fun! And M had a blast, I'm sure!

w and js mommy said...

so happy you found a place you can worship our LORD.