Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Standing my ground

So I went to this Southern Savers Extreme Couponing 101 class last night. I know I mentioned this. The head hauncho was saying that if you zone out in the 5-10 minutes during check out then you are doing yourself a great disservice cause a lot of mistakes happen at the register. Now, I do know this is true, but I'm a little bit timid when it comes to correcting other people's mistakes. You really don't wanna hack off the cashier as you will likely run into them again and again if you intend on continuing to shop at that grocery store.

Having said all that, let me recount my latest shopping experience.

#1 Mistake was HAVING to go to the store. Cause then I was buying my food that I had to have right then on their terms...thus paying a great deal more than I would if I were waiting for the deal. But alas, Mom to mom was in need of last minute breakfast items, so I went early this morning. I was going to purchase two bags of mini bagels, some cream cheese, and a package of cutlery so that I could provide a knife for the cream cheese. Oh and an additional carton of fave Pineapple Orange Banana! So I found the best deals on all of these and then noticed "peelies" on the bags of bagels. One said buy a loaf of bread and get this bag of bagels free. Well, the bread was cheaper than buying the bag of bagels alone, so this way I'm paying less than I would if I had just bought the bagels, but i'm also getting a loaf of bread. I can live with that since i HAD to have the bagels anyway. (Of course I would never pay anywhere near $2 and something for a loaf of bread!) Then the other coupon said buy a bag of bagels and get $2 off a pumpkin. Cool. Again, I was buying that bag of bagels regardless.

We don't have a pumpkin yet even though this is seriously one of M's favorite holidays. We just haven't been able to make it to the pumpkin patch to take advantage of all that between illnesses and injuries this season. So I roll over to the pumpkins and I see a medium sized Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin with a sign that says $1.99! Perfect. Not too tiny, Not too big...AND I can use the insides to make delicious concoctions. AND MOST OF ALL, the coupon makes it -1 cent. so I gain a cent. Awesome.

Well we ring it all up and I scan my bonus card knocking a good deal off my purchases then I use my coupons and it knocks more off, but then I see it! The price that the pumpkin rang up on the computer is listed at $2.99. That's a dollar more than the sign where I picked it out. So I point this out kindly to the cashier and she says, well that is before the coupon. Now it's .99cents. I say yes, but the pumpkin is supposed to be ringing up at a dollar less so that it is free after the coupon. She says to me that I'm still getting a good deal with the coupons. And I say, yes, but if the pumpkin is supposed to be $1.99, then I would like to pay only that and not the extra dollar. She appears a great deal annoyed and calls for a price check. 6 employees come for this price check!

Oh Geez Louise! So, not trying to be trouble, I have now gotten the woman behind me in the line in on this. She is now clarifying to the employees that I am due an extra dollar as the price listed should be ringing up at $1.99 instead of $2.99. Turns out, in a sense, I am right. The pumpkin label from last week's sale was still listed because they forgot to take it down. So, in the end, I got my free pumpkin...and I suppose I got my feet wet for reclaiming the dollars that are rightfully mine! Score one more for the coupon crazies!

All in all, I left the store having spent $10 for $18 or $19 worth of stuff, so for a trip that I HAD to make with no pre-planning, that's not bad! BTW, this was Bilo not the beloved Publix.


w and js mommy said...

Well I for one am VERY PROUD of you for standing your ground! :) Not so sure I'm ready for the confrontations either..but if it saves you $$ then YOU GO GIRL!!!

Double Dees in SC said...

Good for you!! Way to stand that ground!

kathylovemeyer said...

I'm with u and guess old enough to not let it bother me to get the deal I'm suppose to get! U are a smart shopper:) Luv to read ur blog and the happenings of ur fam:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Gini! Crystal here!

I found that Southern Savers couponing website and am excited, but way way way overwhelmed!

Do you have any tips/pointers on what I should do to get started?

I already do ecoupons on my Kroger card and the newspaper coupons. I have a little file folder that I keep them all in.

All this stacking/rolling/CVSing information is really really overwhelming...LOL!