Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Score One for FINE

So 2009 is the year of FINE. I haven't even begun to exercise seeing as I have come down with some dreadful cold/sore throat...but, I did do something for myself today. I used my $25 walmart gift card to buy some new, attractive pajamas. I thought it was about time I traipsed around the house in something other than mismatched old t-shirts and yoga pants. I'm surprised my hubs still finds me attractive. So, tonight I got two sleep shirt type thing that is red and silky (nothing over the top I assure you as I'm as much into comfort as the next gal), and one top and pant combo made of some other ultra soft fabric.

I'm actually wearing the combo now and loving it. Still donning the cozy socks my SIL got me for Christmas though...they don't really match but what's a girl to do on a cold winter's night?!

I feel I'm headed one step in the right direction. I always though my sis had the best pj' and flirty, but not over the top...and not some old t-shirt and yoga pant combo. Givin it my best go.


kathylovemeyer said...

Yeah, I've been thinkin I need to get some new pj's too...I've been wear'n the same ones for quite awhile now...but I like them SO much...warm and cozy:)

Meredith Peel said...

Ha - all the women I know say I have such an amazing pj wardrobe. I've always made it a point to look good for my husband in the bedroom. Not in an over the top way as you say, but I just don't settle for looking bummy. Before I married, my mother-in-law told me the key to lingerie is to maintain a balance between comfort and seduction. As creepy as that is to hear from your mother-in-law, it has become a guide for me. Let me tell you, it really pays off! :)